Notes from: Forget about the terminator already, Teemu Roos. AI Day Finland, 13.12.2017.

  • Posted on: 13 December 2017
  • By: Juho Vaiste

Why do we think AI as a terminator?

Four reasons:
- Science fiction
- Uncanny valley
- Click-bait media
- Fear of the unknown

Why we need to change this

1. Societal cost: fear of AI slows down the adoption of AI solutions

2. Scientific cost: without research funding, no world-class science

3. Industrial cost: no world-class science, no innovations

How we can change this:
- experts should reach out more to the public about their work
- journalists should dump their click-bait headlines
- we should all be more critical about what we read and see
- most importantly: we need AI education on all levels, free for all

Lesson 1: Why the terminator will not come

Exponential is not enough: exponential progress (speed) is trumped by exponential increase in problem hardness
- Think of the self-improving system: yourself

Narrow AI: even though computers beat humans in certain tasks (arithmetics, chess, Go...) they are very stupid in many other ways
- There is no ”brain-in-a-jar” AI that learns new skills: it's always a different system

FCAI AI & Education program

- University education: already strong and growing
- Professional training
- Schools
- Open education for all

Part I: Elements of AI

Starting in May 2018
Three weeks, 2 credit units

Philosophy and history of AI
Basic concepts: Search and planning, games, machine learning, neural networks, signal processing, robotics
”AI literacy”
No programming or maths skills required
Free of charge, advised by Risto Siilasmaa