About me

Writing about ethics of AI, mainly on the machine learning and algorithm level, but commenting artificial general intelligence, too.

Researching AI developers as ethical change agents in the context of AI ethics. I am generally interested in human agency, collective responsibility and models of shared agency.

- Cofounder in Turku AI Society, a university think-tank
- Member of the work group on AI Ethics by The Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
- An Ambassador in the group Millennial Board AI

I offer consulting and lecturing on AI Ethics. Contact and further information: https://vaiste.com/technology-and-ai-ethics

Working on:
- Guide to AI Ethics booklet
- Literature review: responsible AI
- Economical Inequality in the Machine Learning Era (conference paper)
- AI Ethics -course: working as an external expert for the course been planned and developed by the University of Helsinki
- Ethical framework for AI solutions in the facility management (buildings, built environments)



You might meet me here

Turku.ai Meetup
AI & Society Meetup
AI Helsinki

Latest presentations

The Finnish Population Register Centre. Presentation of AI Ethics. 12.2.2019.
Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Course: Responsible Management). Introduction to AI Ethics. Espoo, 2.2.2019.
Laurea (Course: Visionary Management). Introduction to AI Ethics. Espoo, 15.12.2018.
Helsingin Ekonomit - Nuoret Ekonomit. Introduction to AI Ethics from the Perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility. Helsinki, 28.11.2018.
Robot and AI ethics: Dialogue between Europe and East Asia. Presentation for the workshop "AI Developers as Ethical Agents". Turku, 22.-23.11.2018. Website.
European Robotics Week, the main event in Finland. Host of the AI track. Turku, 21.11.2018. Website.
Hyte AiRo Kick-off. Introduction to AI Ethics - from the perspective of social services and healthcare. Helsinki, 20.11.2018. Website.
Rajapintapäivät. AI Developers as Ethical Change Agents. Espoo, 16.11.2018. Website.
Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Course: Responsible Management). Introduction to AI Ethics. Espoo, 9.11.2018.
Turku School of Economics Executive Education and Development. Introduction to AI Ethics - from the perspective of social services and healthcare. Turku, 25.10.
Seminar on Technology Ethics. Turku 11.10.2018. Website.
Arvoseminaari, panel discussion. Oulu 9.10.2018. Website.
AI & Design: Design, Ethics & Social Robots. Turku 3.10.2018. Slides.
Valohai - a machine learning company. Intro to AI Ethics. Turku 3.9.2018.
Aalto University. Introduction to AI Ethics - with a Design Twist. Helsinki 16.8.2018.
SuomiAreena: Would you trust AI more than humans Pori 19.7. https://campaigns.tieto.com/fi/suomiareena
Ministy of Finance. In Finnish: Tietopoliittisen selonteon etiikkaverkosto. Helsinki 4.6.2018. Slides
AI & Society: Pre-Bostrom, what's up AGI? Turku, 15.5.2018. Presentation 1 (Intro to Nick Bostrom) and presentation 2 (Review on AGI Safety Reseach)
TIEKE, Suomi tekoälyn paalupaikalle. Turku 15.2.2018. Observations from the Turku AI Week. Slideshare
FOKS 2017. Jyväskylä, 24.11.2017. Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence. Slideshare
Turku AI Society, Tuesday Talks: Ethics of AI. Turku, 21.11.2017. Blog
Team Day of the Turku Science Park. Turku, 17.11.2017. AI for Industries. Slideshare

Reading right now

Fall 2018. It took a while to decide the next books, but sometimes you need to give your mind to rest and reorganize. Excited and happy about the list!

Seife, Charles. "Decoding the universe." Viking Penguin, New York (2006).
Goldman, Emma. "Anarchism: and other essays." Courier Corporation (1969).
David J. Gunkel. "Robot Rights." The MIT Press (2018).
Hofstadter, Douglas "R. Gödel, Escher, Bach." New York: Vintage Books (1980).
Kvalnes, Øyvind. "Moral reasoning at work: Rethinking ethics in organizations." Springer (2015).