Artificial Intelligence in Finland

  • Posted on: 24 September 2017
  • By: Juho Vaiste

The Finnish government is launching development program in order to make Finland the leader in the application of artificial intelligence. 

Here is a listing on what's happening on the AI field in Finland already.


Academy of Finland - Novel Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Physical Sciences and Engineering Research

Cognitive Science in University of Helsinki

Racisms and public communications in the hybrid media environment (HYBRA)

Helsinki Institute For Information Technology

Finnish Centre of Excellence in Computational Inference Research

Language Technology Documentation Centre in Finland

The Power of Algorithms research - studying the societal impact of machine decision making


User Interfaces Aalto University

Moralities of Intelligent Machines

Ville Kyrki!ville_kyrki
Robotics, robotics vision.

Perttu Hämäläinen

Teuvo Kohonen!teuvo_kohonen

Mikko Kurimo
Speech and language processing

Arto Klami
Multi-source probabilistic inference

Tapani Raiko
Reinforcement learning

Erkki Oja
F.ex. Neural networks, unsupervised learning, computer vision

Timo Honkela

Harri Valpola

Dorota Glowacka

Otto Lappi
Cognitive science

Anna-Mari Rusanen
Cognitive science

Petri Ylikoski
Social sciences

Hannu Toivonen 
Computer science

Michael Laakasuo
Cognitive science

Arto Laitinen

Raul Hakli
Social and moral philosophy

Minna Huotilainen
Cognitive science

Samuli Reijula
Social and moral philosophy

Sasu Tarkoma
Computer science

Teemu Roos
Computer science

Ella Peltonen
Computer science

Ville Harjunen
Social psychology

Vesa Kyyrönen

Samuel Rönnqvist
Computer Science


Organizations, groups, meetups

The most well-known organisations, groups and meetups around AI topics.

AI Helsinki
Events and gathering, Uni courses 

Airo Island
An innovation hub focused on AI, robotics and automation

Aihelsinki Academia
AI Helsinki related meetup group. For techies. meetup group in Turku

Communications AI Finland
Meetup-group for professionals of communications interested in possibilities by AI

Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society
An inactive society nowdays, but have a long history next to AI development and research in Finland

Pattern Recognition Society of Finland

Finnish Society of Automation


Companies, startups

The Curious AI Company
Reseaching and development.

GIM-Generic Intelligent Machines
Robotics: hardware platforms, softwares, ready-made implementations 

Ultimate AI
Outsourcing customer service with deep learning applications

Robot and machine assisted testing. 

AI understanding video content. A funding round in September 2017 

Reaktor AI

Futurice & Barona







Digital Workforce




Infolytika Ventures


Leiki Oy


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