Goals for 2018 and first sketch of ethically critical theory towards AI

  • Posted on: 30 December 2017
  • By: Juho Vaiste

My AI goals for 2018

- Developing Turku AI Society and establishing the theoretical and societal discussion sphere of AI in Finland
- Organizing Turku AI Week and the first National Seminar of Theoretical AI
- Establishing Finnish AI Lab project with a goal "Building Artificial Moral Agents"
- Finishing my thesis on ethical risks of machine learning projects, building a concrete and real-world usable framework/tool based on the thesis
- Publishing the first proper versions of the ethically critical theory sketched below


First funny sketch of my ethically critical theory towards AI development

I am working on presenting artificial intelligence as a limited moral agent based on the concrete real-world examples. I believe that could have strong implications on the consciousness discussion too.  

This phenomena forces us to leave our relativist view of the world - the relativist view not coming from the philosophy, but it is happening around us, which explains the incomprehension of our societal sciences to say anything concrete and effective. 

The AI development gives us a new possibility to question the capitalist system through the question if there is any value of retaining the biological human species. On the fundamental level I don't find any answer to that from the capitalist philosophy though I am politically directed to that direction. About the classical liberalism I don't know yet, but that's not what we are seeing around anyways. 

But I don't know if philosophy have an answer for that question either. I know it is harshly said, but that is why I believe that the era of interesting questions is over and philosophy should finally give us some answers. Or at least one answer.